• Welcome to Paradise

    Make sure you visit Bournemouth’s very own Garden of Eden – Dorset’s leading naturist haven, Paradise Health Spa.



    Paradise Health spa is Bournemouth's leading Naturists and swingers club. Open to both Adams and Eves, our mixed gender health spa has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

    We want you to really pamper yourself, so we’ve made sure we’ve got the latest in every luxury:

    • A fizzing Jacuzzi that takes up to 10 fun seekers at a time.
      A steam room that sizzles up to 11 hot and happy exhibitionists.
    • Get hot and sweaty in our superb Swedish Sauna.

    We also have expert masseuses who’ll massage away your stressful day; all you need do is … nothing at all … Since most of the fun here at Paradise Health Spa involves getting wet, we provide free shampoo, towels and deodorant to keep you fresh.

    Our lovely topless waitresses will serve you free drinks – teas, coffees, juices – and you’re free to bring your own tipple, if you’d like to.

    There are some tasty bites at the snack bar, all reasonably priced. Or if you’d prefer a good belly–filling takeaway, we’ll order one for you and provide plates and cutlery.

    Swingers are as welcome as traditional naturists in Paradise. Swinging isn’t for every nudist, but we happily cater for visitors who indulge in this raunchy hobby with a selection of comfortable rooms – three of which are for couples only. The doors can be locked … but rarely are!

    Click on the links to find out about our opening times and admission prices, and visit us whenever you fancy a pampering. You’re welcome to pop in any time.

    Prices and opening times
  • About Us


    Young and eager to please, Paradise Health Spa is a brand spanking new complex. We’re kitted out with the latest in luxury relaxation to please the pickiest person. The Jacuzzi, steam room, Sauna, massages and TV lounge all combine to create a happily hedonistic environment.

    With a wide range of clients – from freedom–loving naturists to sexy swingers – Paradise is a fantastic place to unwind, make friends and pamper yourself. We’ll spring no surprise members’ fees on you, and we charge only a one–off entry fee.

    Check out our opening times and admission prices, and come on in for a visit.
    It’d be great to meet you.




    Got any good party ideas?

    We are always looking for new party ideas, so why not suggest your idea for a great party and we will see what we can do!

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    Come and visit our FREE chat room. You can also download the app from the play store for Android users or the app store for iphone.

    Just search for Comet Chat.

    Please read the rules first.


    Chat Room Rules and Etiquette

    To ensure the best possible experience for all chat room participants and to avoid legal liability, chat room participants are asked to observe some basic guidelines for participation.

    By logging into a Paradise chat room, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules and guidelines. In order to preserve a climate that encourages both civil and fruitful dialogue in a lawful manner, Paradise reserves the right to suspend or terminate chat room participation for members who violate these rules.




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    Got any good party ideas?

    We are always looking for new party ideas, so why not suggest your idea for a great party and we will see what we can do!


  • Chat Room Rules and Etiquette

    The Rules

    • Don't challenge or attack others. The discussions on the chat room are meant to stimulate conversation not to create contention. Let others have their say, just as you may.

    • No talking about other clubs in the chat room or in private.

    • No giving out phone numbers or any contact details

    • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. Do not post anything in a chat room message that you would not want the world to see or that you would not want anyone to know came from you.

    • No private messaging unless asked first.

    Chat Room Etiquette

    • This is a live chat room. Once you hit send, your message will be delivered and viewed by the entire room. There is no way for Paradise or anyone else to block a posting afterwards if it is offensive, raises antitrust concerns or otherwise violates these rules and guidelines. So the burden is on you to be sensitive to the contents of what you post.

    • If you would like to send a private message to a chat room participant, please ask first.

    Please check your spam folder when looking for registration confirmation.




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  • Prices

    Opening Times

    Monday Midday - Midnight
    Tuesday Midday - Midnight
    Wednesday Midday - Midnight
    Thursday Midday - Midnight
    Friday Midday through to Sunday Midnight

    Admission Prices

    Entrance Fees

    Single Females (see events calendar for special ladies rates) £10.00
    Monday to Thursday Couples Midday till 5pm £20.00
    Monday to Thursday Single Males Midday till 5pm £20.00
    Bank Holidays £25.00

    Massage Prices
    Indian Head and Neck Massage 20min £25.00
    Head, Neck and Back 30min £35.00
    Swedish Full Body Massage 45min £45.00
    Ladies Free Entry all day Wednesday
    *Free entry on all massages over £35.00 (only when booked on entry)


    Bubble Massage

    * 10 min bubble wash in steam room  
    * 10 min head & shoulder in Jacuzzi  
    * 10 min with oil *All for £35.00  


    Introducing the New Paradise Special

    Mix & Match 1 hour massage. Have the massage in any order you wish. £55.00  
    All other times; Couples and Single Males £25.00